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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hello Stranger #14

- #14 A trip To Bali - 

Time passes so fast when you're having fun! But then I'm so lazy that I only can sit and blog about my previous trip to Bali now. Bali has been treating me and my bf so well that I really miss it a lot now...and yet gonna share about my little Bali trip to those who planning to go there soon. And special thanks to Gusti (our driver) for helping and providing guidance to us throughout the 5 days 4 nights bali trip!

Ok, so our 5 days 4 nights itinerary is pretty much as everyone like below:

Day 1
Bali stay is one of the must "talk" topic. I didn't really look properly into the hotel that my BF choose. As long as it is affordable and clean, i'm fine with it. So once arrive we went to check in to this hotel "The Akmani Legian". I'm impressed! The location and cleanliness of the hotel is way beyond my expectation. I really had a great sleep there with comfy bed and without being disturb by any sounds or any clubs nearby. And the best things is all the shops, clubs and beach is within walking distance!

*There is two swimming pool here and this is at upper floor, where you can find pool bar here!

Day 2
Since we arrive at night on day 1, so not much place we can go. We start our tour on 2nd day. Meet the driver for the first time, Gusti (I mean me, my boyfriend already know him since the last visit to Bali). He then bring us for breakfast as we really not sure what to have at this hour and I really want to have a taste of some local food. Indonesian language is quite similar to our Bahasa Malaysia. So it quite easy for us to communicate to people there. 

* And this is Nasi Padang that is famous here and below is the Teh Botol (Bali drink)

I've been searching for some place that i would like to visit before we came over here. So we first arrived at the Tirta Empul Temple. (around an hour drive from Legian) Temple is consider a holy place, therefore everybody has to wear sarung regardless you are boy or girls if you want to enter the temple. No worry, this temple do provide sarung for you. You just have to pay for the entrance fee estimate around Rp20,000 (approximately RM6) per person. This temple a bit different as it has several pools. The so called "holy Water Reservoir" looks pretty simple but I was totally amazed by the clear blue color of the water. As a tourist, of coz i must experience it. Stone steps a little slippery, so must be extra careful when you walk over! The whole temple quite a big place, to be honest, it was really like a morning jungle trekking for me. :)

Local Hindu Bali people were purifying themselves by soaking in the holy water pool

I did not bring extra clothes, so of coz won't soak myself into the water. Just wash your face as a sign of respect to the temple!

The view here is truly breathtaking!

Next, we head over to Bali Pudina. This is truly a very nice place for coffee lover. You will be introduced to this most expensive coffee in the world - Luwak Coffee. I'm not a coffee lover but pretty impressed with the process of producing this Luwak Coffee. I was told that Luwak are fed with coffee beans from Arabica and Robusta. Then, the feces of these civets are collected, rinsed repeatedly and dried under the sun for several days. Here come the most expensive coffee in the world, priced between US$17 to 100 per 100g. Apart from Luwak, they do introduce to us the rest of the coffee there. Since we are here, of cause will give a try. 

Yeah all this coffee is free...variety of taste for you to try such as ginger coffee, ginseng, hot chocolate, mocha, etc

Believe it or not, rest of this is free except for the Luwak Coffee. Really enjoy having some snacks and coffee here, with the breathtaking massive view of green paddy field. If you like to get any coffee, there are readily available for sale too. 

Visiting Bali Pudina was not in our planned itinerary until i was thinking to get coffee for my dad as souvenir. Then our driver Mr Gusti brought us here, at the same time suggested that it might be great for a nature walk here - Kintamani Tour. I love this place so much, you can feel really relaxing and glad that the weather is not too hot but windy!

Before heading to late lunch, we went to visit Tegalallang Rice Terraces. I'm really impressed by the massive green paddy field here. Just can't stop even for second to view this amazing greenery as this my first time seeing rice terrace. Seeing this beautiful, lust and green rice fields made the trip worth while. You can actually walk on the rice terrace to get up close and personal. So...we really walk and do some hiking here. Climb up to the top and over the bridges makes the whole trip much more fun and adventurous. No matter how tired you are, once you reach the top, the scenery is just breath-taking. 

I really love this place a lot...the view is amazing and feel so refreshing here

After some hiking and trekking, I'm so hungry at this moment. So before the visit to Ubud market, we head over for late lunch at this Ibu Oka for Babi Guling! One of the must eat food when you visit Bali. I truly love this babi guling so much...the taste is same with roasted pig...just that when you mix everything here it just taste awesome!

I just love this dish so muchhhhhh!! <3 i="">

Happen to by pass this and bought my favourite, Nutella Ice cream!

Lunch done, so we go for a walk at this Ubud Market. It is just 5 minutes walk from Ibu Oka restaurant. Here, you can get quite cheap souvenirs. Prices are not expensive, but bargaining is essential. Here got many things art craft from key chain, paintings, wooden sculpture, marble craft, fabric such as scarf and batik. I just get a postcard here as I actually expecting some unique local art, but in in reality is just like a series of tourist shops which felt like they all sold the same thing.

Our last stop was this Kecak fire & trance dance. This was quite pretty impressive experience. The ticket cost Rp100,000. (estimate RM30++ per person). I didn't know about the story and this kind of dance until I was here. The show takes about nearly one and half hour. Before the show start, i advise you should at least read the flyer with the story of the dance. It's kind of interesting to know different religion story. Kecak dance is form of dance where only sound is made by approximately 50 people or more enchanting kecak kecak kecak and drum sound from the start of the story till the end. Experience this and you won't be disappointed for sure.

Tips: In Bali, driver is a must. Don't expect you can walk from one place to another, because it is damn far away! Once you reach the airport, you can see there's a lot taxi driver waiting for you. But be aware as some of them really expensive and you might get con. Try to ask around different driver for price and bargain is a must!

Day 2 - To be continued....

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