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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hello Stranger #11

- #11 Your will never be good friend with your best friend (even his ex) - 

Ever wonder what happen when your boyfriend become best friend with your good friend?  I came across an article about this and quite agree to some point of view. Boyfriend and best friend is someone you could trust and rely on. But what happen if you found out both of them betray you in some way? 

A guy and a girl can innocently hang together without anything happen. Even myself I would love to hang out with guy friends. I just felt that, with guy friend I can talk anything I like, compare to girl. However, this doesn't mean I love if my boyfriend hang out and talk with my best friend (even his ex!). I will feel uncomfortable if they really close and talk with each other a lot. Being friend like social friend is fine for me. But not those that personally will chat with each other in Whatsapp, LINE or being discuss about things together privately. 

I'm kinda sensitive type. Of coz I'm happy if my boyfriend can click with my friends, but not over the barrier. I do mind if they start to talk something that only both of them understand and I felt left out. Yes I do really mind that! I will start to think what's my position will be in that awkward situation and this will really give me hard time to digest. It shows me they have quite good relationship that I might not know :(

I do trust my boyfriend but too some limit as well. Sometimes I know they might not be honest telling every little things to you in details, but I really hate when I have to heard it from a third person. That's feeling will make you feel very insecure. So just make it clear the barrier between your boyfriend with your best friend and even his ex.  To be very honest, I do really care if my bf have close contact with his ex. 

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