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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hello Stranger #7

- #07 It's Hair Time Now - 

Just realised I used to have the same hairstyle for the past 4-5 years. It's either change from curl to straight, or straight to curl with fringe. It's time for some revamp!

As I mention in previous post, I wish to have a straight haircut and healthy hair! It's an easy, simple style that still looks current and on-trend. These days, I love looking at korean hairstyle. Some of the hairstyle on my mind now....

*Love this style..curl at the bottom with middle part*

I really scratch my head, thinking shall I keep my fringe, or trying something new....since i'm thinking to revamp, so I will choose the left hand side style at the moment....well if it doesn't look nice on me, I will cut it off and go back to right side style what's on your mind now?

*It does look easy, but I think kinda hard for me to have something like this...>< I'm still waiting for my fringe to grow this long...hopefully can achieve this style by CNY! *

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