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Monday, January 05, 2015

Hello Stranger #6

- #06 My personal WISH List - 

New Year's resolution are like new born babies. They're fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain. It's hard to keep but it's not impossible. This year, i've listed down few and try my best to stick with it. It's sound easy but actually kinda scratch my head to think a WISH list for this year.

Well, there you go......

1) Learn new language 
2) Learn cooking
3) Read more books
4) Save more money (work harder)
5) Be grateful - Make it as a part of my daily practice
6) Spend more time with family
7) Slim down & eat healthy
8) Try not to hurt anyone either by words or actions
9) Keep in touch and spend more time with my friends (real life interaction)
10) Be kind to myself and everyone around me

Gratitude is important. Be grateful for all that you experience in your life and every one that you meet along your path. Life full with growth opportunity and after we achieve this, then we will able to expand more. There is always something else to reach for...may this year everything goes smooth and be well...#maytheforcebewithus

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