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Friday, January 02, 2015

Hello Stranger #4

- #04 Another new resolution -

365 days just ended like that. It's a new beginning of another 365 days. Opening the first blank page for the diary of 2015.

M O V E  .  O N   . 2 0 1 5

This year i'm going to learn not wasting time. People who doesn't worth it and things that doesn't let me earn any knowlegde. It's time to stop doing the same thing all over again every year. People like to complain so much about their boring life and boring works. The reason is because they are repeated the same old routine every year. If you are comfortable with your life, just go ahead with it. I believe every one has something to achieved. If you unable to achieve it this year, you can still achieve it next year. For me those resolutions that i unable to make it in 2014, i will carry forward to this year and try my best to complete it. There's few more things i need to accomplish. It's 2015 now, stop wasting time on doing something that not worth it or doesn't benefit you. Rather, let yourself learn something that can increase your knowledge. Time to brush up your skills too. Remember it's 2015 now, technology and human are moving faster than you can imagine, if you stop learning now, one day someone will take over you. Even myself is doubt about this last time, but time will prove to you that you are not unique one, anyone out there with the same skills with you can replace you anytime. Unless you are learning and brush up your skills from time to time. Stop wasting time on people who doesn't worth it too. If they need you that much, they will come to you, rather than you wasting time to wait for it. Forget those friend who just come to you when they need you. Calling and texting them without any reply is just wasting of time. Appreciate those who really be with you all the time. 

We all are growing adult, give yourself sometime to think about what you want in life. Of coz we want to enjoy, but at the same time do remember that in order to enjoy, we need money. Work hard for it, while enjoy at the same time. Do not waste on something that doesn't worth it. 

It's 2015, time to list down your first - must do - list into the new blank page of 2015. #maytheforcebewithus

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TY said...

Planning for our lives does help us get more of our dreams accomplished