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Monday, December 29, 2014

Hello Stranger #3

- #03 Brand New Year -

2 more days before new year is coming. Will you miss it or glad that it's over? 

Every year you wish for a better year, better things to be happen on yourself. However, every good things that happen, there is something bad will happen too. Whether it is good or bad, only time can tell. If you ask me, will I miss it or glad that's over? I really doubt it. Everything happen for a reason. For the decision I've make, I can't denied it nor admit it since there's no turning back.

Anyway, It's new year again, and yet I haven't done with my new year resolution. What yours? It seems for me is the same list every year. Pretty glad that most of the resolution in my 2014 lists is achieved. The main thing to do next year is save money till I get my house key. Money management is important. I want to love and spend time with my family as much I can. I hate the feeling of regret. It's more than enough for now. There's nothing I can use to describe the feeling. 

All I wish is 2015 to be a better year for me and everyone else. May everything goes well and I wish to beg for forgiveness for every wrong things that I have done. I will learn from mistake and try not to repeat it again. And the first thing I want to change bout myself is control my emotion. You too, may think what you should change to become a better you. 

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