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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hello Stranger #2

- #02 Best Christmas Movie Ever -

Even though Christmas is still several days away, it's never too early for a little holiday spirit and love. Perhaps a christmas movie? The one, and still the one on my mind - "Love Actually". This movie make me cry a lot. It's Christmas, people says you should watch something that make you happy. But till then, i still love this movie. I still remember i know nothing bout this movie until one day, someone come to me and introduce me this movie. I'm glad I've watch it by now.

I still remember i laughed at Hugh Grant's dance moves and cried when Mark arrived outside Juliet's house on Christmas Eve holding some cue card slide to show out how much and all the reasons he loves her. (Seriously, this is one of the sweetest, most heartfelt declarations of love that everyone is follow and copy nowadays!) I always wonder if I never watch this movie, and someone does this to me, how sweet it could be?

However, in real life, it's just like a fairytale to everyone. So many people dislike fairytales because it makes us believe in love, believe that we will meet someone great, rich and handsome - A prince will swoop down and save us when everything goes wrong. But I've come to realised in reality, that really took a risk. Perhaps 1 in a million, you might find someone like this. No one is perfect, handsome doesn't mean he is good. Pretty doesn't mean she is perfect. That's is fair enough, no one is perfect. You either accept it or leave it. I've come to learn to accept it. 

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