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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Chapter #89

Mood: Inspired

- All about hair -

I'm not sure what will be the latest style for coming 2015. For myself, currently I fall in love with sleek straight hair. It's the easier hairstyle you can ever achieve. Straight hair doesn't mean have to mean boring. I'm boring with curl hair, i felt that it make me look older (alright, my mom says i look mature with it....) Me personally think that girls with natural and stylish straight hair especially without bangs has some kind of personality, feminine and cool! They look so cool and confident all the time. 

It's an easy, simple style that still looks current and on-trend. I prefer slicked back hair at the moment! All this goes well nude makeup and you are ready to go out. I just cut my hair...cut off those unhealthy waiting for it to grow and restyle to sleek straight hair!

Love this style so much!

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