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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chapter #87

Mood: Angry

- SUBWAY MALAYSIA just sucks! -

It's been a while since my last post. Finally decided to wrote something after this morning case! Out of sudden, i was craving for subway breakfast. I'm always a fan of subway especially their breakfast, came with drink and bread that can make me full enough. So today morning, I went to Subway and saw their new bunting stated "Start Your Morning Fresh"...i thought it was some kind of new breakfast menu, but the true is NO it is still the same breakfast menu with the same price but without COFFEE (add RM1). Alright, this is fine for me, extra RM1 for a coffee. So as usual, I just queue up and make my order (tuna & egg), and select the vegetable, but out of my sudden the staff told me "Sorry miss, no vegetables, only sauce!"

WTF!!! Subway breakfast without vegetables?  I'm fine without drink, but without vegetables is too much. You call yourself "fresh breakfast", with just bread, tuna and sauce? I tell you, even my mother can simply make this for me! SUBWAY MALAYSIA, you are just sucks to the top level. I wonder how much this vegetables will cost you? You charge RM6.89 (including the stupid tax that paid for nothing), for just this bread and sauce! I rather pay RM3 for a sandwich that at least come with bread, tuna and vegetable. 

Subway breakfast without vegetables and drink this is so ridiculous! Please keep your bunting away and stop shouting for yourself as fresh breakfast. I rather buy O'briens or MCD next time. 

*Subway breakfast without vegetables, this is so ridiculous! RM6.80 for just this!

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