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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Chapter #86

Mood: Tired

- Just some facts about me -

20 Facts About me:

1) I hate crowds
2) I hate cheese 
3) I love to be inspire
4) I hate lazy people and love ambitious one
5) I'm always hungry for knowledge
6) I'm sentimental and easily cry
7) I go gym at least 4 days per week, just can't stop get my ass work!
8) I'm taurus, yet born to be stubborn. Don't argue with me
9) I love travelling
10) Very sensitive to color but I love monochrome color 
11) I love Liverpool
12) I am a heavy sleeper. Sleep is very important to me! :P
13) I have pretty high pain tolerance
14) I love the smell of coffee, but i can't have it!
15) I prefer autumn than any others
16) I want to get rich and successful (now and in the future), but of coz i hope it's something i gain it with my future husband
17) I love suprise 
18) I have a tattoo
19) I love beach holiday but I don't want to get sunburn
20) My dream is visiting england and europe once again

With love,

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