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Monday, September 01, 2014

Chapter #85

Mood: Blur

- Wonder -

Sometimes I wonder why do I felt sad over the past and something that already happen. I always wonder this, wonder that....but after a long chat with my friend, i really start to wonder...

Sometimes when I turn back and start to think, what do I want in my life. Achieving and sustaining happiness? Money? Is life all about a game...a game that lead to how your life will be. When you reach the age of 30's, you will start to realize a lot of things in your life. You just don't want to waste time doing something meaningless or waste money on something that not worth it.

This year, I start to do a lot of things that I never imagined myself would do this. Thanks to the person who inspired me doing this. I started to invest, started to get myself a PRS, started to save more, started to realize how important a career mean to me and started to read book. All kind of activities that i felt boring, i started to do now. I wonder is that because i started to get old, or just i started to realise how important all this to me. I really don't want to regret on what I have now, but i really hate the feeling that haunted me. 

No matter how, i really thanks to everyone who walk into my life, and inspired me. I love the feeling of being kind of energy that move or push me to do something that I always said I wouldn't! 

I'm fine, is just a bad day, not a bad life. Scientist do agree that tears drop can actually make you feel physically and emotionally better. Time to get myself this book.........

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