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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Chapter #84

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- Travel make you realised who you are -

Going abroad is a magical experience. Whether it is just a short trip or long trip, the time you spend away from home is important and great. It's not only let you experience something different, but change the way you see and feel everything around you. 

My favourite quote all the time from St Augustine 
"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

For sure you will truly miss home sweet home. No matter how far i go, never forget my home. I miss my family, my mom cooking and my sisters companion too. Home is always the most comforting and warm place that you ever find. 

But travel give you expensive experience that you never even can buy it. I love travel so much. Not to say it is for fun or release stress, but the feeling of seeing different worlds, the pretty and surrounding with different ways of living is such a great experience to me. If you get what i mean, living in another country especially, u never felt like a foreigner...well sometimes yes but most of the time being treat as their citizen the feeling is so great. I miss the time when i stay in London and Lincoln. I love the nostalgic feelings that carried around with me till now. Apart from that, don't forget about the beauty of communication. The ability to communicate with people around you, to feel like a real citizen is the most expensive things you have unnoticed. 

Omg, i missed so much the living experience in other country now. The lifestyle, weather, eaten food that i couldn't explain how tasty it is and meeting strangers on trains...this satisfaction and great feeling is the most expensive experience that you ever get. Staying in other country will make you understand yourself more and what exactly the living style that you belong to. Because travelling will change you, the more places you go, the more clearly you see yourself. One thing that i realised is when you travel with your partner, you will get to know more about him or her. By then you will know if that person really suitable to travel with or you will start to realised there's a gap between you two. Forget that now, most important recognition is that you are growing and become independent. Some people says they will grow and become mature when time come. But i still have some people around me age 30++ but still so childish like never grow up. It's not time that will make you become mature, it's experience in life.

Spend money wisely. Try not spending too much on buying cool stuff. I realised currently a lot of guys love to collect all kind of cool stuff or toys....OK just i don't understand WHY. If you are rich, well is fine. No offence.

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