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Monday, June 23, 2014

Chapter #83

Mood: Happy

- What doesn't kill you make you stronger! -

You want a killer body, you need killer workout. Nothing come easy. It takes time, commitment and patient. No more games, i'm going to change. Starting July (yea after I back from my trip_, i need to train myself on this killer workout!!! I know it absolutely worth it when you take off your clothes, you see the changes of your body!

Remember i read this somewhere, a woman without curve is like jeans without pocket. You don't know where to put your hands! I dowan a chubby me! I want to toned up and i want chocolate bar! I'm gonna work hard for it. I want to know how far i can go...something to achieve this year! Squat and plank more!! Few things to take note too:

1) Lift heavier
2) Eat cleaner & healthier
3) Push Harder
4) Squat deeper
5) Sleep earlier
6) Say no to alcohol!

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