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Friday, April 18, 2014

Chapter #79

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- 爱情最大的敌人不是第三者而是时间-

Currently watching a nice drama called "Swipe Tap Love". I believe this drama attract more ladies to watch rather than guys. I was attracted to this drama at the 1st episode due to the storyline is portrait on real life love story that happen all around us. It was so true..what i mean here is that the drama portrait what exactly happen even to myself. The drama bring us back to 2009, a year when smart-phones were not as popular as now. It was time when people who are in love sending text message or  communicate via phone call. So basically it tell us how technology change the way we lives and communicate.

I admit technology do change the way we live, either in good or bad way. I remember last time i use to on the phone with my friends for an hour or more. We even enjoying text messaging. But things change now. Smart phone has change the way we live and communicate. People do not call anymore. Ask yourself, when is the last time you were on the phone with your love one or even friend for more than 15 minutes? Don't ask me. I felt like i don't even know how to start a chat on the phone now. WTF!

Afterall, it's not technology that cause break in a relationship. But it's time. I've learn that in a relationship, nothing can kill you but time. As time goes by, feeling turn sour. Did you ever think why? When two person can't really communicate well and start to have different opinions as time goes by, it's fine. However, when both did nothing, end up only left distant and doubts in relationship. With lies and empty promises, things even become worst. As time past, relationship become sour and either one side will want to end it. Never blame on anyone when it's come to an end. Just because both never put enough effort...and always remember never go back to the same person when you know things won't work out. Just move on. You never know what suprise waiting for you at the end of the road.

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