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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Chapter #78

Mood: Tired

- Fitness come first -

Been some time i haven update anything bout myself. Well, in the past month i just busy with work and freelance...and add now gym....yes gym!

I was not very athletic in school. Perhaps just after school simply activity such as badminton games i will join. Fast forward almost thirty now, I know I needed to get serious about my health. I want to stay healthy and of coz the need to stay tone and pretty! :P  It was time to get to the gym. Previously i did join some yoga class but forced to stop when i started change to a new job. But now, i start to join gym again since it is so nearby to my new office and of coz it is so convenient. 

I started going at least five times a week and noticed i start loving and enjoy it. I began to love workout and joining all the class and make myself sweat. The feeling is so good, especially after a hectic and stress working day. Perhaps gym is truly the best place to release stress and spend time there. I felt like I was part of a tribe of people who were all trying to reach the same goal—physical fitness. And now i think I'm totally addicted to gym. I want to stay in shape and toned up (hate my big ass!!). Well, being fit is a long road...but workout gives me so much positive energy and enjoyment. 

I ate everything, i know. The most difficult things for me is I have to stop eating all these FAT food! What i mean here is dessert. I'm glad that i'm not fried food eating lover...i don't really fancy fast food and fries....but i love dessert, ice cream, pancake, waffle...urghhh! ><  So i guess that's the reason of why my fat percentages increase.

Okay, I'm not fat, i didn't complain that i am fat....i just FAT at certain area. The main reason is because of my poor eating habits i guess. Time to feed myself with salad now. I wanted to build some's not easy but it's possible. With good nutrition and exercise for sure can throw some fat away. Once this fat is reduced, i think i will begin to see the muscle..and working hard for the long slim leg

I aim for this!

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