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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chapter #73

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- Snail White -

It's time to change a new moisturizer, as current one is finish soon. Normally i will use back the same if it really good and suit my skin. But this time, no way! I'm going to say goodbye to Cellnique moisturizer as it not really work for me. As for me, I need a super moisturizer as I have very dry skin! I can feel my skin turning worst currently! Hot weather, allergy, pimples and etccc! I'm thinking to get my fav Clinique moisture surge, but a bit this time i'm gonna try something new. If fail, i will go back to Clinque! After reading some of the blogger review of the product they use (this is usually what i did before i decided to buy anything). I came across a product that caught my attention - SNAILWHITE- It's claim that the product is the best selling snail cream in Thailand, Hong Kong, USA, Sweden, Australia and Macau. So, why not give a try! 

Regenerate, Recovery, Repairing, Restore, Renew

Snail White Cream manufactured and originated from Thailand and is currently Thailand’s best selling cream! (No joke!) It is also approved by TFDA (Food and Drug Administration Thailand) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Thailand, my fav country to visit every year! They always have great fashion, great food, great products, great movies, great ads and not to forget great place to visit! ^^

So, what exactly this cream is all about? 

"SnailWhite cream consists of proteins and vitamins which enrich the skin and soften it. It also contains natural collagen and elastin which are the main components of the connective tissues in the human skin.  Snail creams also consist of natural glycolic acid which is very helpful for helping the skin to exfoliate. Thus old skin cells are shaded off and new ones replacing them, making the skin looks fresh, young and smooth all the time. Other ingredients are added to snail white cream to make it wonderful"

Before i decided to get it, I spend some time to read on some bloggers and real user reviews of the product to find out more bout this cream. After all the review and full consideration, I decided to get one and give a try! I order it directly from their official website, and get it within few days! Love their super fast service! So i'm going to try this now, and will update the result after several weeks of using it! 

* Received my SnailWhite cream, the packaging look good!*

*It is using vacuum pump!! It's so convenient and easy to use, moreover it's hygienic. I truly agree that this is very lightweight cream and easily absorbed into skin! Hence, you face won't feel sticky or oily as other cream outside! I will use it twice a day now and will see the result soon!*

So how to use it?

Well, after 14 days of using it, here is my reviews:

Can't agree more with what the products stated...i really love my skin now compare to few weeks ago, which is dark, fatigue and with dark spot. Wonder how do i see the different? The most obvious is when you wake up every morning and look into the mirror. I can see that my face is much more brighter and not as dull as previously. So far this is the first obvious result that i notice from using snailwhite. To my surprise when i first use it, i thought the cream cause my skin a bit dry...but after several times using it, it's actually getting better. I will continue use it and let's see the changes after few months. :)

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