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Monday, January 20, 2014

Chapter #72

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- Inspiration -

Spend wisely. This is the topic that i chat with my friend today. When someone have a family, they will tend to change their lifestyle. It is so great to see someone that is mature enough and prioritized what is important to his family. It's truly inspired me.

Do you know, "It is human nature to want more than we already have, and then when we have, we want even more."

I realized this is so true. This even happen to myself in the past. We need to know what is need and what is want, so that we can be a wise spender. I hate myself for spending too much in the past, and never realized what is really need. I always been blinded by bargains. Hence, i ended up buying a lot of unused stuff. Human only realized this when something happen and you realized that you don't have enough saving to buy what you NEED. And i know it's time to stop it. I'm kind of easy fall into the trap of buying something simple because it's on sale!!! This is a good marketing strategy to caught my attention. End up i might spend buying those unnecessary stuff. 

However, as human grow older or i would like to call it as mature, they will start to think of their future, their need and their family. (*this is the type of guy every girl should look for! LOL).

Give yourself sometimes to think what you really need rather than just want. So rule number one is, forget about what you want. Focus on what you need. Save as much as you can for your life goal (for eg: dream house, dream car, dream honeymoon, and your future! It's doesn't means not enjoying today, but spend wisely while enjoying everyday now! We won't know how long we can live, life is fragile. Save some for your love one too. You still can buy something that you like, maybe once a while but not always! As for me, i spend less on buying unwanted stuff but i still spend on something i interest - TRAVEL!!! 

And the most important lesson is....

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