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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chapter #70

Mood: Excited

-Brand New Year & Brand New Start -

It's seem that been a month i never update my blog. Feel like writing something before the end of 2013. What I have gone through this year and what i need to achieve next a long story.

What I have achieve this year? Well, honestly I don't achieve much of my resolutions...even my most wanted due to some reason! Too much obstacles and people that spoil my plan! ><

2013 is a tough year for me. Too many unhappy and stressful things happen. I already try my best to fix it, but it's seem doesn't work. I know it is impossible to restart everything and go back as it is at first stage, but I do wish that everyone can make a brand new start and move on. I wish to start my life all over again. I want to be happy. And next year, I will learn to live an independent life and enjoy all the good things each day!

Coming year 2014 is a tough year. Time to work even harder and save money! Although, I won't give up on getting what i want, but I'm rational. I still can differentiate what is need and what is want. I won't go and burden myself. Money management is important. 

Well, 2014 resolutions list.....

1) Save MORE money!
2) Lose weight & eating healthier!
3) Getting a house
4) Change car? Still planning....
5) Travel - every year resolution! ^^
6) Family trip 
7) Enjoy the good things each day
8) Spending more time with family
9) Planning for future - earn more, save more, and RTP
10) My little design house and more jobs coming in

So far this all i can think now...hopefully 2014 will give me some surpise! :)

2013, you will always be part of my life & history....

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