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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Chapter #69

Mood: Happy

- Helllo December -

Alright, it was 1st December 2013! The whole month of December is dominated by Christmas as we all know. I love Christmas so much, because of the lovely carol songs and super cute decoration all around us. 

2014, will be a brand new year for me. 2013 will be the past and i know it's time to move on. Every people that came into my life will be part of my history. And it's time to prepare for new year resolution. Several target fail to hit this year...sigh... > < I wish next year will be a better year for me...everything will be fine. All i need is some luck and someone who is true.
Believe in things, no matter how things may seem, there's always something good coming around the corner. December will be a good good month!

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