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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chapter #62

Mood: Complicated

-Hello Stranger-

It's Sunday  as usual spend my time at Starbucks. There's a time when i was so busy doing my work never even realised the people around me. Till today when i really sit down and looking around. A lot of people passed by, and some just come and go. For those who stay, each of them with device on hand. As usual, people are holding their mobile device or whatever pad they have. They sit next to each other, but for look like a stranger to each other. It's a common scenario no matter where we go. Technology was created to bring people together. It's an idea that humans create technology to bring each of us closer as well as to others humans, rather than to edge away. However, as year goes by, technology seem like replacing human way of communications. Even peoples are just next to each other, but each of them just play around with their own device. I admit even myself might did the same. > <

But what is more sad is that, even couple are doing the same thing. I remember once I saw a couple having their dinner without even talking to each other, not even a single words. It's so sad to see couple that sitting opposite each other without talking. The guy is busy with his own things, while the girl just looking around. Is this a healthy relationship? Communicate only through Facebook, is this a healthy relationship then?

Wonder if the world without all this, how would it be then?

* relaxing rainy day*

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