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Friday, August 23, 2013

Chapter #61

Mood: Complicated

- "Some walks you have to take alone" - Suzanne Collins -

So sorry to left my blog dying for nearly one month!!! Ok, i'm lazy and a bit stress currently! Couldn't find a way to fix it! Yea the feeling is exactly what you heard from coldplay - fix!

"When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse..."

I love when i was small, nothing to worry and stress about. Life is so easy. But i know as years go by, everything will change. Nothing will stay forever except love from family. They are the only one who will be there till the end. I miss the time when i can even use my RM0.50 to buy a roti canai. But my mind is clear enough to know that the world is change. Nothing still the same. People do change. So don't compare your current lifestyle with those in 20 years ago. Sometimes, i do hate to make comparison, as it make someone look weak!

I won't complaining about life, as i know life is a journey, a tough journey. "Life without limit" by Nick Vujicic has give us a great inspiration of life. I've learn never give up. Everyone around me saying that i'm an independent and a strong girl. How i wish to tell them that sometimes i do feel small and weak. Sometimes I wish someone could lend me a shoulder to cry. But the persons that truly i can share everything with, one left me, without even saying a goodbye. I know I won't even have a chance to meet her anymore. Another one my buddy, just gone missing, not even want to be contact. Perhaps one day, i will be the one who don't even want to be contact too. I remember once a friend told me, I'm a good listener. Whatever problem they have, they will talk to me as i can give them opinions. But I realised when things happen to myself, I'm helpless.

Damn, writing all this i felt so stupid about myself. Sorry, just want to find a space to release myself. But what is stupid than when you realised everything was so wrong since the first stage?

I know i cannot travel back in time to fix my mistakes. But i always know how to let go. I know some walks in life, i have to take alone. My resolution, damn...i have to work harder! *dying now*

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Sorry for being suddenly missing..