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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chapter #59

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16th June 2013

-The real and unreal-

Have a chat with a friend yesterday. And she asks me "do you accept someone who is so fake, somehow means good in acting and pretending in front of you, especially in your company?". I'm someone who listen to my instincts. And i tell her "true friend is someone who NOT taking advantage on you or only find you when they need you. They should be always by your side and support you. If this happens in my company, i will say it's not the job not suitable for me, just the environment not suitable for me!"

For me, friendship is one of life's greatest gifts. She or he is someone who you can trust, create happiness and sharing every single happy or sad moment with you. But in reality world, how many of them you really meet? No matter where are you, they are real and unreal around. I'm glad that i have few that really true friendships. I love all my friends, but they do love me too?

Sharing one of my fav singer song, Kary Ng, I super love this song!


吳雨霏 "我傻女" MV

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