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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Chapter #65

Mood: Swing

9th May 2013

-Time Flies-

It's May now. it's my my month. But nothing suprise. Just another month. Time flies. Nothing left behind but only foot print and memory. Life is like chasing a bus. I've been chasing the bus all this while and it's really very tired and exhausted...

Have you ever felt yourself like an idiot? There was a day, I was driving alone back home after work. And radio was playing this song. It was my first time listen to it. And guess what, I felt like an idiot because my tears fall when I listen to this song. Mayday this is your second song that make me cry!!

The best part of the song is "也许未来 你会找到 懂你疼你 更好的人, 下段旅程 你一定要 更幸福丰盛"


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