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Monday, May 27, 2013

Chapter #58

Mood: Tired

24th May 2013

-Piece of Art "The Great Gatsby"-

Just had an enjoyable and busy month! And I really so tired, but weird I do enjoy it! :P

Been to cinema this week to watch several movies..among the best was "Fast & Furious 6" and "The Great Gatsby"! F&F 6 is truly awesome movie, worth to watch just a bit upset with the ending! As we always know, F&F is kind of blockbuster movie, so everyone know it is great!

But now,  the movie I want to talk about is "The Great Gatsby", romantic drama film staring Leonardo Dicaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire. This movie is really out of my expectation. Masterpiece movie! I never know about this movie until my friend ask me to go with her for this movie. Not even before the trailer! And all i know is that this movie is acted by Leonardo. For sure, first thing came into my mind "is this an artistic movie?". To those who always watch his movie will aware that most Leonardo movies is kind of artistic, but nice! And no suprise, this another great movie by him. I like this movie so much due to several reason! Story, acting, dynamic, visuals, music.. everything.

1) I just love vintage!
2) I must say is that the set and costume is superior! You will see a lot wonderful 20's fashions & costumes in the entire movie. It is so great especially those costumes on Daisy!
3) Visual feast & entertaining especially the music play in the movie

So what this movie all about?
Daisy was Gatsby's (a suave rich businessman) great love 5 years ago, but he lost her, and now in one final herculean effort he is going to correct his past this one last time. He is going to win her back and make things as they should have been. In this movie, you will see what Gatsby can do for his love one. No, i should have say, he did everything, and I mean everything he can just for the love of a woman. How impressed is that! I believed every second in his love and pain that he felt. Love that Gatsby showed for Daisy was pretty much perfect.

Leonardo has play well in this movie. He truly an excellent actor and was perfect for this role. For myself, it is DeCaprio's best and most powerful performance. Tobey Maguire, his perfomance was fantastic too. He's role as Daisy cousin play pretty well and because of him, Daisy and Gatsby met again! Previously, Tobey for me is "spiderman"! LOL

"Can't repeat the past? ...of course you can!"

The love story was purely told in this movie. You won't believe what a guy can do just for his love one. Everything, everything that he do in his life just for the one he love. He wish to repeat the past, can he? You won't know how it feels until you lost someone that you love so much, no matter is your lover or best friend. How many of you really can do like that? And this movie has perfectly awaken something in you, a memory of when you were crazy in love with a person or in love with an idea for what your life should be. One thing that I upset is the ending of the movie. :(

Too bad, I have never read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. People always say that book is always better than movie adaptation, but if book is even close to the movie, it's masterpiece. I shall go to get this book soon!

Trailer might not as interesting as other movies, but it truly a worth to watch movie!

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