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Friday, April 19, 2013

Chapter #63

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19th April 2013

-Being Alone Isn't That Bad-

One more week to the end of April. I just felt that this month pass quite fast. Almost every week spend my weekend at starbucks rushing for my freelance. Three websites in a month, first time ever break my record. Anyway, no matter how hard and dying it is, i just felt that I'm getting near to my dream! :)

A friend of mine always told me, she felt so lonely and miss his ex bf so much. Her ex treat her like nothing. No care, no love, not even communicate. And I ask her to forget about him. It's not worth at all. No matter how much you love him, be honest with yourself – the sooner you face the truth, the sooner you can start over. I did felt sad for her. Apart from accompany her, nothing much i can do. Perhaps just cry together with her. So Ms J, you are not alone, ok! When you and your partner can’t agree on certain issues or goals for your future, then you may want to think twice about your relationship. Nobody has the exact same plans for the future, but the happiest couples have the same focus, at least!

So don't be afraid of being alone. I don't afraid of being alone, as I know it is necessary part of being human.  There's nothing wrong to be alone. For me, I always alone too. And i already get used to it. Life is short and fragile. You won't know what happen next. Enjoy every little moment now as long as you can make yourself felt worth of it. And I really wanna thanks my mom for always being so supportive and caring. Thanks for being with me all this while. No one will ever love me so much like you, I swear. Just book a trip for myself, it's time to backpack and discover a new me. :)

The world is so big, get out from this border and you will meet someone better.But don't forget every little person that came into your life once. They are part of your history.

I love this clip so much from "Love Actually". A guy who fall in love with his best friend wife. The true love....

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