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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chapter #58

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10th March 2013

-Chicago Rib House @ 1 Utama-

Alright, I know this month i'm gonna eat a lot, spend a lot!!! ><

Over the last weekend, been to this place called "Chicago Rib House". So what so special about this? They call this restaurant "The City of Steaks & Ribs". Well, all i wanted to try so much is their "ribs".

My friends bought this voucher from groupon, so we gonna have a try on their food. We quite curious on the food that they serve, whether it is good or not or something different. Partially also because it run almost the same concept like Chili's and Tony Romas. All we know is that it is kind of american or western style of food.... ^^

First of the things we order, for sure is rib - a full rack ribs with original flavor! I bet is enough for 10 of us.I forgot how much it was, roughly between RM50-RM60. And guess what, it is so nice!!! It comes with two sides dish (you can choose from a variety of choices!)

*nearer view* yummy! It taste similar to BBQ pork combine with this sour BBQ sauce!

Apart from this, each of us do order one main dish. And my choice was this seafood pasta! So far for myself, this is the nicest among the rest we order! Fresh shrimp overload on this buttery pasta! ^^

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza taste nice with it thin pan crust! 

A must try "Pork Burger". To be honest, this was not as great as i thought! The pork patty was thick enough but it wasn't as juicy as we thought. After all, the favors was still good!

 We are too busy with our food and finish it quite fast! the end, we forgot to take group picture...><

So, what's next? Do give a try if you love pork and western food! It mights give you a lot of suprise! Not to forget they have a mini bar inside called "Mojito Bar". Miss a chance to try their mojito! Should have try their Lychee Mojito next time! ^^

More information:

Chicago Ribs House
Lot F346, First Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: 03-7727 3210 

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