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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Chapter #56

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1st March 2013

-Hope & Expectation-

Have you given up on any hopes and dreams you once had? Remember when you were kid, what do you want to be? Your hope and your dream? Whatever it was, did your dream come true?

It's so common that each of us has hope and expectation. But when we grow older we realised hope is just something that people dream for. I guess most of us did experience the pain of being let down when something we'd hoped for never comes to pass. These feelings can leave us devastated. As a result, we will try to protect ourselves from disappointment by raising our hopes and expect much. We stop dreaming as often, stop hoping and expect less. Some people will simply lower their expectations because they felt that's what life is all about. They never fight for it, give up and don't even try.

We as a human, a fragile person, for sure will have hope and expectation not only on ourself but others too. Some people are just living for others, satisfied the others. But who can guarantee that the hope and dreams can come true. Will you give up because of that?

Of cause when dream come true, even a small little one we are happy for it. However things are always beyond our expectation. Sometimes, the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment will be. Hence, people tend to give up and no longer expect anything. Although, hope can leave us devastated and painful, just because of "hope", no matter how pain it was, we won't abandon it and work hard for it. We can't lost hope and expectation. 

As William Shakespeare did mention "The miserable have no other medicine but only hope". When there is hope and expectation, you will get to manage yourself, keeping track of it, and staying enthusiastic and motivated. People always say "Why expect anything? If you don’t expect anything, you don’t get disappointed.” Does that means, we just sit down and waiting for hope to come? If you no longer expect them to become real, you give up on making them happen. Your hopes and dreams can come true. It happens to other people all the time, so why not you?

But of cause, don't stress up yourself. Know your abilities and strength, and if your goal is within your line, then go ahead for it. Remember being harmony with yourself is important. I believe that the world is a mirror of ourselves and our expectations. Live with hope and dream.


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