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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chapter #55

27th February 2013

Mood: Raining night

-Principle of life-

Few days ago, I saw a statement post by my friend and start asking her what it means and till now i still remember it makes me think more of the past...

"如果太想念過去, 就會帶來悲傷
用微笑活在當下, 就會帶來喜悅"

I can't forget the past, does't that means i'm a stubborn one. I just want to keep the pretty memory that left behind. I don't want to forget it. And i know it will keep haunting me till the end. However, i still choose to keep that memory with me. It did hurt me a lot, but i miss her so much. Once i did asking why this happen to her, but then I understand that everything happen for a reason. I believe god will lead me and hopefully will tell me the reason one day. All i can do now is to the treat the unhappiness as part of my lives - it just part of history. I'm not the best, but yet not the worse. All i know is, mistakes and errors is what got me here today.

Every single person living on planet earth, did go through happiness and unhappiness with their own lives no matter emotionally or physically. And now I realised that i'm not happy today. I understand we should never neglect the little things as it's soon become bigger and bigger problems. But i wonder how to make correct decision when i'm in a confused mood? Sometimes not that I don't care, just they don't care. Everyone have their own problem and this problem really need to be solved, so that we won't feel life is painful and messed up. So do I?

People scared to make changes as they don't know what will happen. I understand we can't prevent tragedy and challenges from touching our life. We all experience our share of hardship and misfortune. Life is not easy, it could be bitter, it could be sweet. Why have to worry about the future when you don't even know live in the present. 
“The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work. - Oprah Winfrey.”


At this new year, i beg for forgiveness..if i've ever done anything wrong, or my actions resulted in hurting someone, i'm sorry...:) And I just wish for happiness. I want to stay happy :)  It's a rainy night...i just want to have a good sleep.

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