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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Chapter #53

9th February 2013

Mood: Happy
-Another Brand New Year-

Well, every year is the same...long awaiting moment...we wish to step into in new year as we wanted for a brand new story of ourself. A better us?

To create a better me, i need to set a resolution for myself as usual. Last year I felt proud of myself...achieve most of my resolution that i set for myself! And this year the list is...

1) Travel - my all time resolution
2) Pay off my final credit card bill
3) Get a house! Is a must!
4) Have my own brand perhaps
5) Get a laptop for myself
6) Earn more money as usual
7) On diet - get back my slim leg & butt
8) Higher salary
9) Family trip
10) Stay happy always

Look simple, but i know i need some time to achieve it...god bless me! Happy chinese new year to those who are celebrating! May good luck and prosperity be with each of us! :)

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