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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Chapter #51

6th January 2013

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-A day at Levain-

Been to Levain few weeks ago, and now finally got time to blog about it. I think i will be very free on every weekend now, can blog a lot of things!! ^^

This is my third visit to Levain since few years back. I seldom been to here because it's always crowded. And even this day when i went there to celebrate my friend birthday. I always love their bread, and not to forget pasta!!!

If you wish to go, remember must go before 11am. Around 12pm, that place will be very crowded! 

 *Here we go!*

 *Variety of bread! *

*Love this pizza so much, yummy*

 *First time trying out this chicken burger...the wedges is great!*

 *My fren cup of cappucino!*

 *And my cup of hot chocolate...still starbucks the best!*

 *Love this pasta so much, it just taste so great!!!*

 *Never forget their dessert, is a must try!*

 *Lovely strawberry mouse cake, it taste great! Strawberry lover shall try this!*

Finally group pix!

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