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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Chapter #50

5th January 2013

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-Happy New Year & Your Resolution-

What a relaxing saturday! Well, we have all step into year 2013 now. Nothing much change, everything is just same,  even we all. 2013 is a brand new year, where we will for sure set a resolution for ourself. I wish to start my life all over again. I want to be happy. And this year, i will learn to live an independent life and enjoy all the good things each day. I'm tired of replying upon others sometimes. Relying on ourself is much more less stressful and relaxing.

For most of my life, I've fantasised living in a fantasy world. As any other girls outside, i felt like living in a fairytale. Perhaps my life has been much more than a fairy tale. I've been gone through difficult moments when I lost someone that I believe and love so much. I wish you happy in another world now. Where else now, i know i still have to face more and more difficulties that is coming over. I really scare, i scare i'm repeating the sad chapter of my life. I'm not an optimistic person. I can't take everything easy and just forget it.  When something happen, i can't simply just cut it off and not feel a thing. I'm a human, i have feeling.

To my friends, who is single out there, don't stress yourself. I believe you will find someone one day. Forget the past, forget the sadness. Don't cry over someone who not worth it. There is much more other things worth for you to treasure.

"No one promised love was a peaceful ride"

Remember this my friend. To be in love or not to be in love is not something we can control. And it doesn't guarantee that you will be stay happy when you are in love. It is not easy to found someone that you think "she is the one, or he is the one". Love has no expired date or promised. Some words that people love to put in their mouths, words like love, that don't mean anything. I always learn to believe "actions speak louder than words". And this is so true. I read an article before, they say when you really love someone, you will keep thinking about her/him, and always will look at her/him.

Is a new year, plan something new for yourself or even myself. I want to go back to somewhere that i feel happy. And i will work hard for it especially get a house for me and my bf. This is my new year resolution. :)

 *Happy new year!!!*

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