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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chapter #49

26th December 2012

Mood: Blank

It's Boxing Day

Christmas is finally over. It's times to get ready for brand new year! My new year resolution is only one. And i wish upon the star, so that i get it....Things is over, and i'm waiting for a brand new start.

This year is a bad year for me...hopefully next year getting better. I realized that a lot of things change this year. The world is changing, as well as climate and human. I't sad to witness all this changes, but nothing can do and stop it. Just pray hard that it will not getting worst.

Can't wait for January to come. 2013, please be good to me...................

*Merry Christmas to all my dear friends and lovely family! I don't have anything special this time. I'm not a lucky girl this year...and i think Santa really hate me this year! ><

Anyway i thanks for all the little gift i received...i love u all my friends!

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