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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chapter #46

12th November 2012

Mood: Happy

-Hang out @ Publika-

Over the past weekend, i went to Publika, again! My favourite place to hang out and dining, since it is so nearby my house!

This time, for breakfast we went to "The Bee" third visit, and still as great as always! 

Nothing much to order, as they already have their brunch menu...and guest what, i always here for dinner, so this is my first time for brunch! They have great selection of food for brunch, range from sandwiches, pancakes to toast. And don't underestimate the portion of the food, it's enough to make you full even with just a toast! :)

*Very nice french turkey ham toast!!*

Walking around after having this super yummy breakfast, super full, but as always i'm getting hungry very fast too...i know, i'm getting fat now!!! There's a coke event on the same can see a lot of coke collections from vintage deisgn to modern! But too bad, i'm not a coke fans! ><

It's tea time!! So, it's Plan B now! Went over to Plan B for tea and snacks, as i really love their cozy environment and design concept of the restaurant. I'm lucky enough, as it's not much people on that day. So i can slowly enjoy my tea time~

*This is so great, i wonder if i have my own house, should i make one this? LOL!*

*really love this bottle of chlorine! (actually is plain water!! LOL)*

 * Botch soup! I really love thissssss!!! Except for the cheese cream, lucky got someone clear the cheese for me! :P  This soup is enough to make me full, with cabbage, carrot and chicken meat, it taste just superb nice! *

*Just a simple chicken sandwich for tea time. It's enought for two persons, and i can't even finish this!*

- The End -

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