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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Chapter #45

8th November 2012

Mood: Excited

-Lovely Family-
 Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family with us, apart from having your partner/lover. We all need a family. No one can live alone. We need someone at least, to stay and take care of each other till we grow old. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. Life is a journey, and we are the one who will create the path. For me, it's a magical as well, as it brings people closer together. I love my family so much, as they are the one who will stay with me no matter what happens. I remember every little moment spend with my family, and all the silly things i've done when i was small, how my dad and mom taught me, till i become who i am today, a good little girl..... LOL!

The most happy trip apart from my Perth trip is my current Langkawi trip. The third trip so far in this year (finally achieve one of my new year resolution 2012, with three trips at least in one year). This year, family trip again and we choose "Langkawi"! Thanks my sister for the air tix and accomodation! Having fun at Langkawi is for sure.  As usual, we are the noisy, cute and lovely family...LOL! I realised this is the time i chat most with my dad and mom...going to plan for next year family trip now! :) 

Truly love my new baby, "I'm Nikon 1"! Capture great pix!

Waiting at airport!

The place we stay, truly an unique villa house! Pretty!

 View outside our villa, Green paddy field!
 *Lovely daddy & mommy!

 I really getting dark, time to do some whitening!Lol

*The lovely and happy family~

 *First night dinner, at wonderland. As usual, i will do research before going for trip, especially checking out the place to eat. In order to avoid being cheated, this is one of the highly recommended restaurant from other bloggers and trip advisor! Nice and reasonable we have for dinner is RM110 for 7 person (5 dishes)! 

 My breakfast - Langkawi Loh mee!

Nice jetty!

 *those who afraid of the sun! LoL

 *Not to forget Underworld water Langkawi...been to Perth that one, for sure that's better! ^^

 *Dinner for second night. Looking for thai dish, this is the choice! Truly tasty, especially the tom yum soup and curry prawn! Absolutely yummy...

 *The Best food in Langkawi, beat wonderland! LOL! Total of 6 dishes includings drinks...RM180++  I think the price quite reasonable, with such portion...some we order big! ^^

-The End- 


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