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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chapter #42

20th October 2012

Mood: Happy

-The Sun, The Beach & The Tree-

Fantastic trip over the last weekend....i went to Sabah just because of the beach!! Yea, I love Sabah so matter the food, the environment and for sure the beach. Sabah is a great place not only for relaxing, but for living too. If you are the person who love peace, silent environment, green and healthy lifestyle, (not to say KL not healthy, just a bit busy, crowded and stress for me!) for sure it is a great place for you to immigrate or stay. Another alternative place for staying instead of australia or new zealand, although i did love australia so much!!!! > <

Well, this is my second visit to Sabah after last year. Now planning for next year trip to Sabah again....airasia please be good to me, give me a nice price ticket for Sabah! :)

* Getting ready! I wish i was this fair..LOL!!!!

* A very hot day!! I get terrible sunburn after this.....*

Apart from the beach and environment here, not to forget the food! Thanks to Eddy who bring us around for such a great and tasty food!!!

 *Super nice and yummy tomyam seafood noodle!

*Simple but nice too!

*My favourite all the time!! I love this so much although it is spicy! But lucky not too spicy...i love this taste because of the curry powder they use instead of those that use in KL...

*The best among all the food in Sabah perhaps!!! Filipino fish market, where you can eat as much as you like with the price as low as RM5 for a fish!! Not to forget, lobster from RM40!

*Sabah, i'm coming again next year!

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alfie said...

;)next year sabah kk marathon. Let run n eat!