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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chapter #41

10th October 2012

Mood: Happy

-Namoo on the Park-

Be happy. Everyone around me love to say this. I do the same. 

Why yourself so down when you can choose to be happy. It's just that simple. Smile, it's free of charge! :P

Over the weekend, been to a new open restaurant at Publika. Always been my favourite place for dining and tea. Why? The place is just great and of coz it's not crowded at all. My friends around me thought this is an expensive place to hang out as it was located at mont kiara/hartamas. But you are wrong, unless you think to shop here. (no way, i still love to shop around golden triangle! Wtf :P) Their restaurant more or less is almost same. This restaurant you might find in KL too..such as Plan B, the Bee, Bens, etc. So, the price is all the sameeee.......

The reason is because I love the environment and concept of the design there. I love to see pretty and great design stuff. And this is the place. :)

Namoo on the park, Publika

A cute name and an even quirkier cafe, Namoo caught my attention with its Rice Burger and cakes. However i didn't try this...left it for the next visit! :P

 Love their menu design, just simple nice!

  I love this hot stone bibimbap...the taste is just great! Well, the price is RM18+. I think quite fine a big bow of rice like this. Too bad it comes with beef... >< I have to take out the beef!!!!
Pumpkin cake...look nice, but not really suitable for me...i love pumpkin soup..but not cake..not to say not nice, just not my fav now...^^

 Waiting to come again next time to try out the signature dish - RICE BURGER!!!!

Other than this, another great place is "The Bee, and Plan B"! Never forget about "BIG", my fav supermarket! :)