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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Chapter #38

3rd October 2012

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-Simple Life-

Why make life complicated? But indeed it is just complicated as they are. People can't change anything that already happened, but somehow they only can change themselves to make them feel better. Life is too short to regret, and the only things to make yourself not to regret is to awake and make changes. 

I miss my best friend who always be there and lend me a shoulder for me to cry when I need. But i know I can't change everything that had happened. All I can do is to wish upon the star that she is happy in her world now. How I wish if she was here to share everything with me.

Been watching some short true real life love story. And i found this quite interesting and meaningful to share with dear friends.

"任何人站在太陽旁邊,不是相形見拙,就是給他的光芒燒溶. 我們明白這些道理, 可是編編離不開。

明白這個道理, 可是偏偏什麼多做不到。 一直站著後面的我, 永遠都沒有人會留意到。 因為太陽的光芒,我們永遠都是黑暗。

每個人都是一本好書。 我們都在尋找那愛書的人將我們珍藏。但是有時候時間的錯誤, 我們愛的書就是給人賣了。 所以,當你對那個喜歡的人已經超出了某條界線, 因為沒辦法承受失去他,所以選擇不擁有他。 


Everyone wish for a simple life and love.


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