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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chapter #36

25th September 2012

Mood: Happy

-New Portfolio-

First of all, thanks to all my friends who care about me! Now i know you guys really read my blog, perhaps sometimes! And thanks to everyone who come or pass by my blog and read it.

Too much things happen for the past weekend. Never thought in just a short weekend, I felt like I've been gone thru like several weekends. Three days trip is just as tired as one week trip! But after all, it's really fun!

First thing, finally get my portfolio done! This is the third design, as i quite unsatisfied with my previous design. This time, due to time constraint, i just come up with a very simple white design. Quite happy that I can finish it on time although not that PERFECT!

Uniq20 Design Studio

The next will be my trip photos! It's just a three day short trip to avillion, PD sponsored by Iprop (my current company)! ^^

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