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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chapter #33

25th August 2012

Mood: Tired

-Latest Updates from Instagram-

1) Always my man! He is one of the artist that i love his style so much!! Hair do have big influence!!
2) Been to Bukit Tinggi for the past weekend (raya holiday!). Well, damn lot of peoples! 
3) Again, shoes capture with buddies! Love it! ^^
4) Work, work, work! Gonna finish all my works before going for holiday!
5) My new Cath Kidston iphone cover. Kinda vintage look isn't? :P
6) Another gathering night with buddies!
7) Beautiful ice blended! Gonna kiss goodbye to cold drink! No more for me! ><
8) My most wanted shoe, finally! Damn love it!
9) Run, run and run! Rainbow marathon is a great way to release stress! Waiting for Nike run now! ^^

Next update coming soon!


Yap Teng Foong said...

Did you manage register for Nike?

@lice said...

yesss! Yup, i register already!!! Nike 10K i'm IN! :) U got take part too?