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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Chapter #31

7th August 2012

Mood: Happy

-Craving for Dessert, Ice cream!-

Well, over the weekend was a great one. But i realised i missed out cream!!! Well, i'm not a big fan of Baskin Robbins, hence I won't go and queue just for a scoop of ice cream. Everyone is debating about the marketing strategy they have use, whether right or wrong. I personally do not have any comment on it. They (BR) know betters what they have done. Whereas, Dato Lee is a great player that everyone agree on, we proud of him! Great job!

Indeed, I will rather go for Haagen Dasz as I love it more. Imagine the nice yummy tasty ice cream melt inside your delicious is that....staying in malaysia is one of the reason why we love ice cream so much! I think i need to control my love toward ice makes me fat! Wtf!

Have anyone try this out? Chocolate fondue with ice cream, fruits, cakes & biscuits? isn't it looks yummy?


alfie said...

See u.let get ice cream.:)

alan wong said...

I never sit in Haagen-Denz store and taste the ice-cream.. Ermm, I should try it at least once time for my award in doing good sales on the month :)

Alice said...

Alan, congrats again!! U always be the top sales! Keep this!! I never been there too, and still miss out the chance to try.. >< see u in d next gathering if got chance! :)