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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chapter #29

Mood: Happy

-Spend a little more time to make yourself happy!-

It's saturday, bright and sunny morning! Finally it is weekend, and have a good rest without anyone to disturb, nagging and bugging around.I so enjoy every moment right now. I'm a person that love peace and quite environment. I hate noisy, crowded and people who love to nag around except my family! :P

To be honest, i really can't stand with someone who keep nagging and talk so much like uncle. I don't understand why someone can talk non-stop and keep repeating what they are saying. I don't mind if you love talking but don't keep repeating, pls! It is annoying, disturbing and irritating! 

It's time for me to think be continue or just let it go....which way should I go?


alan wong said...

Just believe on ur heart and go on your decision...

Recently i also spend less time on blogging and reading in peaceful environment. Cheers, wish i could do something in this upcoming weekend!!

alice said...

Thanks..sure will do..i need more peaceful environment..going to find a pretty library to do my stuff! any suggestions?