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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chapter #27

 14th July 2012

Mood: Sleepy

-New Cleansing Oil-

Ok, it's almost middle of the month. Time flied. And it seems i haven't achieve anything god! Been starting on new job for almost two and half a month...well, how was it? Tell myself 10 months to go!!! I will never give up no matter how tough it is...

Time to release stress! Well, i've been trying several new facial products...let see how great it is...

Since my age getting older and older, and left me with no choice, i really have to take good care of my skin! ^^ Trying out this cleansing oil from Hado Labo. Always been my favourite facial product brand....damn good and effective...especially if you have a dry skin! Apart from that, been trying out this Eucerin cleasing gel...being introduced by my collegue...yeap, it is for skin seem like getting darker choice, have to try out some whitening product. Hope it works well on me! *pray hard*

Will update soon if this product really work out! Give me a month period of time! ^^

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