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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chapter #25

Mood: Bad

-Give myself a break-

It's been nearly half a month i didn't update about myself...well nothing change much, just felt that life is getting boring...

It's sunday, and i fail to fully utilize my's a tired day for me. Too much things on my mind.

Just wonder, when something doesn't work out, what should you do? Something that is so near, yet so can see it, but you can't feel it.

I understand that we should never neglect the little things as it's soon become bigger and bigger problems. However, I just don't want to pretend nothing happen. I'm myself. and I just hate myself now. >< You know the feeling when you want to do something, and you know you sure able to do it, just because of several reason you have to give it up?

Perhaps i should take a day off. Give myself a break. Walk away from things, regroup, breathe. 

Well, how about my hair? I just felt that it didn't grow much...seem like not at all!! :(


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