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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Chapter #23

30th May 2012

Mood: Happy

-7 Days in Perth, Australia-

A beautiful holiday is just ended, and i just love it so much! Perth is a beautiful city, peaceful and lovely. Everyone is just so healthy, as you can see people jogging and cycling around after work. 

*Road to our hostel!*

*Cold weather with a cup of hot chocolate!*

The weather is just great on the day we arrived, 9'C! But it's actually quite hot in the afternoon, with average around 20-25'C. Perth, for me is like little lincoln city, UK. Small and lovely city. What is so good in perth city here is that, there's a free bus all around, and you can just take it and travel around the city. Even there's a train that will take you to everywhere you want to go and of coz hotspot travel destination too! We spent four days in perth, before moving to fremantle, another city which take 30 minutes train to arrive. 

Fremantle is a small heritage town. Love their Fishing Boat Harbour Trai. A lot of great seafood can be found here. I crazily in love with this town! The food is so nice here, and the weather is great. Along the street, you can see there's dozen of coffee shop here, and people are just so enjoying their life. ^^ There's a lot of things to see and travel around. Since they are 5 of us, we already rent a house here and will stay for 4 days! So lucky that the house we choose is damn great and nice! It just nearby the sea, but due to the cold weather, we hardly walk down to the beach nearby our house.

 *Super love the fish and chips here!*

The house is so great, and we have spent lovely time here and cook, even we have some BBQ grill dinner on the first night! ^^

Never forget to visit the beaches around here! We went to several beach and all of it are just great! With white sand beach, and crystal clear water, you sure will fall in love with it! We did rent a car for one day and visit Swan Valley! A beautiful places where you can find great wines, chocolate factor, lavender farm, honey house, and many restaurants and cafes. And do not forget the surrounding here's too! We just came at the right time, it's autumn!

  *Favourite hot chocolate*

  *Happy breakfast*

Never forget their seaside here too! The beach is just sooo nice! Unforgettable view & pretty environment! That's no reason i shouldn't love this place!

*The big fat man enjoying his sunbathed!

*White sand beach!*

And of cause not to forget Cappuccino Strip too...a place for relaxing! Enjoying a cup of coffee or tea here!

 *Enjoying day at beachside!*

*Big lunch*

*A visit to Swam Valley* 

*Beautiful Swan Valley* 

*Chocolate Factory*

*A visit to Honey house*

And nearby swan valley, not forget to visit Caversham Wildlife Park, where you can see kangaroo and kolar bear! They are just so cute!! 

 *Alice & the sexy kangaroo*

 *With it baby!*

*Koala Bear*

*My favourite breakfast - Hungry Jack breakie wrap!*

*Travel around to beach Swan Valley! See the date - 20/05/2012 - My birthday!*

There are too much places to visit in Perth here, and i wish i can visit Perth again, maybe sometimes in the future!

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