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Friday, April 06, 2012

Chapter #19

6th April 2012

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-A Letter to My Past-
This inspire me to write a letter to myself...i wish this letter could send to my past, not future....I'm not really a person who dream about what happen in the future, although i always mention "look at the future"! But sometimes i do think of my past which was full of sweet memory....perhaps this the reason why i like vintage...if i have a chance to write a letter, i wish i could write to my past, not my future....

And the story goes like this.... (*damn, a long letter!)

Dear 21 year old me

"You are living happily now, and for sure you love your college life. Forget the past and sucks secondary school time. Believe me, you won’t even want to think about it for the rest of your life.

Now, you are fine, study hard but not study smart. You work for couple of part time job now in order to earn extra pocket money. No worry, you can handle it, and work happily with your best friend.  

Alice, I know you are tired and, I tell you better don’t waste your time doing the part time job, make a right choice now, go to find a guy named Mark Zuckerberg in Harvard University, and invest in a site called “facebook”, that he will be starting work on it. Invest as many as you have, perhaps asking your whole family to invest together and believe me you will soon become a millionaire. No, probably a billionaire I guess! And second, please tell dad to buy shares in Google. Or you will deeply shit regret in the next 5 years!

Otherwise, let’s continue with your college year, early of the semester, you will require going for an internship program for 3 months period.  You meet great peoples here, and part of them became your best friends soon. You will have a great time spend with them, and admit it that you will have a feeling toward your supervisor. Please give up on him, before he rejects you. Or else you are the one who get hurt. You will get heartbroken and you won’t fully get over it till the next year. But never forget this, sooner or later; treat it as lesson for yourself.  And probably make you become a stronger girl. 

You're just an ugly fat little girl now. Don't dream so much of finding a dream guy. Better pay attention to study and work hard. Believe me, you will find someone who truly loves you soon, perhaps in the next 5 years. 

Time flied, and you will need to continue study again. As you are aware, you will be leaving Malaysia soon and pursuing your degree at United Kingdom, Liverpool. Your brain telling you nothing about UK and absolutely you have no idea where UK is. Except, Liverpool, the great football player are from there! Believe me; the years you spend in UK will have the greatest impact on you for the rest of your life. 

The first three months in UK is totally a difficult time to pass. For the first month in UK, no matter how hard you study, you will end up crying with the mark you get for your assignment. Yes, yes, yes… I know you’re stressed out with exams and assignment, but you have no choice. You can’t upset your dad and mom, end up with nothing and going back to Malaysia. So remember, study smart and not hard!  I know you will think that right after your three months hard work here, you will flying back home to meet your dad and mom, end up working in  a big company with high pay salary,  just because you have a piece of degree paper! Stop dreaming.  I know this will be hard to believe but right after you finish your study, you life will totally change to another stage. Don’t forget your study loan! You have to pay it back! I know you hate exams and assignment, or even studying days. While people around you will tell you how they hate their jobs, all sorts of working things and how much they miss their school time. I know you don’t believe this, but you will soon become one of them, will dying missing your college days. 

Sooner or later, you will deeply in love the life in UK.  A lot of things happen in Liverpool, but in the end you still have a great time and enjoyable days with your bunch of friends there. 

Three months is over, and you will start your new life here. I know your first job is hard, and even cry for it. You will get a lot of stress and have to go through a difficult time. But no worry, this will end soon, and take it as an experience. Your second job will have the greatest impact to your life. This will dramatically change you and your future. You will have a never-ending story here. Listen, give up on your first job in Scotland and move to Lincoln! The best will be starting there!

In Lincoln, you just enjoy living a grown-up life more. You learn a lot from your manager here, and of coz you finally pay off your study loans in just a short period. I guess you still holding your Sony phone. Well, technology grows very fast.  In the next 5 years, the most popular phone will be one without any button on it. Guess what, the most popular phones in the next 5 years will be Apple iPhone. Everyone will crazy for it! Remember this name now, and don’t buy the first generation iPhone, or else you will regret. Wait for the third or fourth generation. But anyway, iphone just never end.

You will meet a lot of friends here, and you will never forget them. And here too, you meet your best friend. You will love her so much more than any others. She just someone who is so special to you, someone who can talk anything to you, she’s just like your twin sister. You two will have a great and happy moment for at least 2 years. But something I need to tell you, choose either be her friend, or avoided her. She will be the one that make you cry like hell in the future.  You will never forget her for the rest of your life. 

In these two years, though you’ll be lucky enough to have few guy chase you but you won’t end up with anyone of them either. They are great enough for you, but you would end up choosing the one that really care and love you more than any others.  Both of you will have a year of happy time, but this won’t last long. Remember, he will not give up everything for you. You will get heartbroken soon. 

After two years of happy life in UK, you will make a decision that make you regret for the next 5 years or 10 years.  Yes, you are coming back to Malaysia. Guest what, you will deeply regret, as you may lost three important things here – love, friendship, and money. He will not willing to give up everything he has and just to live with you. She will leave you forever and ever, and both of you will never meet again. You will need to spend a lot, and house prices in Malaysia will increase like stock market. Perhaps in the next 10 years, a normal white-collar worker won’t be able to buy a house. 

And the story not yet ending here, you find your first job in Malaysia. Although you quite happy with your colleagues, but you don’t love what you were doing. Believe me, leave your job. You will find the job that you love and you will work hard on it. You have your dream to become a great and successful designer, and soon you getting more than you never know.  You meet your current boyfriend on your next job, and for sure, you meet a lot of great buddies here. You will love your job so much! What happen next? Just believe yourself and do whatever you think is right...

Good luck to you! "

alice, 2012


alan wong said...

Hi, it's quite weird to see someone write letter to the past.. ermmm.. but alice in 21st year old cant change anything rdy.. perhaps she need write a new letter to 2012's alice :)

alice said...

Haha, i just dunno why i prefer my past and miss it so much. I dont wish to know my future, becoz i dont want to worry bout it. And i always wish i can change the past i really can send a letter to my past! :P

Yussof Chen said...

My past SUCKS! I don't want to remember it. Except my close family part where I treasure the most.
The rest will go down the drain. :(

alice said...

part of my past is sucks too! high five...but part of it is sweet memory...i hope i will remember it till the end!