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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Chapter #11

7th February 2011

Mood: Happy

-Chinese New Year Potluck-

Funny happy gathering time again! It's our once a year gathering, and this time was at my sister house! Organizing a reunion party with family and cousins is truly simple task, it's all depends on whether you wish to do it or not. If you wish to bring a large groups of distant cousins together, perhaps this is a great choice. To get together, and chit chatting is truly great, just the time passing too fast! 

*The driver*

*the passenger*

This time, we just have simple potluck with all the great food that is homemade by each of us. And mine, still the same, mashed potato! Thanks to everyone who have a great effort in preparing all the delicious food!

*Our potluck food, well prepared!*

*happy time is passing too fast*

*party time!*

*chit chat*


alan wong said...

Is really a fun thing when been together...
Anyway, my brother Zi Yuan looks fat this time !! ^^

@lice said...

Hahaa...he is chubby ma~ love so much this kind of gathering! :)

Yussof Chen said...

eh come u more cute ady ah?

@lice said...

i always cute~ Blerkk! :P