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Monday, January 02, 2012

Chapter #7

1st January 2012

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-New Year Resolution-

Another brand new year. Finally we have step into year 2012, a year which has been a hot topic for everyone. It's seem nothing different for me, just another challenging year, a year to be better to achieve higher target.

Looking back into year 2011 resolution, I realize I almost achieved most of it, even some is beyond expectation! Yes, my litte website! It's really a great year for me, where I've learn and experience a lot. And this year 2012, I wish for a better me and a bigger success in my career, a feeling of satisfaction perhaps. Can i do it?

Let's reflect on what i've achieved...
1) Get myself a fuji instax!
2) Get myself a Mac 21" PC!
3) More outing and travels with friends and family
4) Learn some new skills and yes, i did!
5) My portfolio done!
6) Beyong expectation - my little website is born!

Right now, I'm glad and appreciate for what I have now. I have a lovely family and friends, love, and career. And i wish my lovely friends good luck to, in whatever they wish for. Hope to hear their success stories too, no matter love or career! Wishing you all a marvelous and magical New Year!

To be honest, i believe most of us have not been able to keep up with all the New Year's Resolutions even from the previous years. Hence, this year to be continues.... And don't forget to celebrate once your dream is achieved by giving yourself little rewards! Such as getting yourself something that you want it for a long time. And yes, i will get a camera for myself this year! It will make the journey so much more fun, and will definitely keep you motivated!

Some of my new year resolution i've listed down:
1) More and more visitors for my website
2) Learn swimming....arggghhh, still fail now! Anyone willing to teach me? :)
3) Earn more for my london trip!
4) Travel and travel, at least 2 countries per year!
5) Do more exercise, to keeps me healthy and for sure will makes us look and feel better.And more important i want a sexy butt and thighs! Arrghhh, this since last year!
6) Pay off my Citibank credit card bill!
7) Try everything! New food, new languages, new experiences.

At this new year, i beg for forgiveness..if i've ever done anything wrong, or my actions resulted in hurting someone, i'm sorry...:) And I hope, somewhere in this year, i will surprise myself with something GOOD. :) There is always a miracle when you believe it.

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