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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chapter #9

15th January 2011

Mood: Tired

-Stand By Your Own-

Another day is gone.... another day is going to start. Tired for doing everything, from beginning to the end. But i'm fine, i know i can do it. I've learn that i shouldn't rely on anyone but myself, no matter whoever promise to lend you a hand. 

Life isn't all about being happy either, but being satisfied as well. Learn to face reality and do not give a fuck about someone who isn't worth the time. Rely on yourself rather than others, to do anything. Do not  just sitting and wait for anyone who promise or come to give you a hand even your closer one. (oh yeah, for me except my beloved family!). What they can give is you is just a bunch of excuses. Sometimes i think i should thanks them as they gave me an opportunity to learn everything myself. I've learned a lot during this period, and i believe i can do better. I understand that everyone is a fragile person but is up to them to change to become a stronger person. Trust yourself. I'm not the best, but yet not the worse. All i know is, mistakes and errors is what got me here today. Never rely too much on anyone.

*Stand by your own*

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