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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chapter #6

14th December 2011

Mood: Sleepy

-Be yourself-

I always wonder why some peoples are just so mean these day? Because something is hurting them and they wanna make you feel the same way they are feeling? Because you have something better than them, and they envy it so much? Why this people want to makes other people's lives a living hell.

Every single person living on planet earth, did go through happiness and unhappiness with their own lives no matter emotionally or physically. Some people are just mature enough to think. They treat the unhappiness as a part of their lives - history and learn to become more stronger.  Where else for some people, they are just so stubborn, and make their life so sensitive.  They might want to stressed out, or mad at you for no reason. This will causes them to be mean or have a bad social skills. Some people they are not mean, but they just can't think before they talk. They never think of the consequences of what they say, even it hurt other peoples.  Hence, if someone is mean to you, try to understand them and just ignore them! Because they just don't care about other people's feelings. 

You can't do anything. Just make your life beautiful everyday.

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Steven said...

Hi Alice,

I saw your question about the Great Eastern plan at lowyat, and somehow I was in the same situation as you. I'm in the cross road to make decision to maintain or surrender it. I have pm some question to you. Hope you could answer me soon.