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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Chapter #5

6th December 2011

Mood: Happy

-Chasing Dream-

It's december, yes it's coming to the end of the year. Looking back at my list of new year resolution, i'm satisfied yet happy as most of it already achieved! ^^

It's time to chase for new dream, and i'm get ready for it! New year, new resolution, new dream, new target. Preparing my list of new year resolution now, hopefully can get it ready before the end of december!

Stay tuned...

Working hard on my website now.... and everything is all about "dateline, dateline, dateline"!!


alan wong said...

Haha.. u create new website?? Awesome..
Yes, it's end of the year 2011.. It's time to blog some thoughts & feelings on this year...
Happy ^^

@lice said...

Yeapp!! End of the year is nearby, time to find new target n dream for next year!! Have u prepared ur lists?? Gambatte!